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My greatest regret

I have been with my boyfriend for more than 6 years and I’m unhappy that he’s been visiting social site and creating accounts to look around and finding chance to know other girls.

Although he treats me well but i can’t accept the habit that he’s been keeping pictures of…

Last summer I mentioned to him that I get to know a guy from apps which i encouraged him to create an account (but he refused to) since he mentioned to me that he wish to know local girl as he’s been feeling upset that we can’t be like other couple going out on weekends coz we considered long distant. I think that’s the best way for him to know girls who lives near to him.

He let me go as I told him that I really liked that guy.

My bf would still find chance to talk to me even if he knows that i won’t reply, telling me what he’s been doing and the jobs that his boss passed to him and also about his family and stuff.  In the past, He would close down or delete all the shit that I found out if he knows I’d be unhappy with.

After sometimes I realize that this guy has got the same habit as my bf.  I’m aware from the very first time that i know him.

He got lots of apps and he’s capable to know new girls. He continued to chat up other girls after he told me he liked me!!! I was wondering how many girls had he told to…

He even sent his photos to other girls, blocked me on CUBIE and told me he deleted CUBIE


There’s no way you can delete, the word should be Uninstall

He’s been trying hard to keep that girl on FB even if i pressured him to remove.

I was so upset and cried when i know him chatting with other girls but what can i do, I can’t stop him

I was never able totally have the guys heart to me, they always belonged to everyone else except me.

My greatest regret was giving my number to him. I would rather stayed with my bf than to getting hurt from an extra meaningless people.

What’s the point of having another same habit guys!

We don’t look like couple when we go out, more like a friend.

Many things about him attracted me, his voice, the look in his eyes, his eye-lid, his smile, his lips, his body, his chest, his height, his weight!!, his brag, non-drinker, non-smoker, non-clubber, to me he’s good in bed

My main purpose on the apps is just to look around and receiving message and I never wish to know anyone from there, no contact, no exchange of anything and not interested at all.

And I can guaranteed that he’s still on going getting to know new girls.

My intuition tells me that he don’t really like me as i thought it was.

I have hope for this guy but he really disappoint me.

My mum suddenly seems to like this guy and she would reprimand me when she saw us quarrelling.

She also support me going out with him even if my sister stops me…

He will find me only when he’s happy, and when he’s unhappy with me he will find other girls and can ignore me for days. There was once he ignored and throw me aside for 3 weeks.

Now that he wants to keep and afraid his wechat girls to know that he got gf and he can ignore whatever i says….

Not only wechat, LINE as well. He does what I’ve predicted. Lie to me that he accidentally Deleted LINE Account, Kick me out of his LINE & re-register!


I’m cautious & I never want to be dragged into a meaningless r/s

He shouldn’t tell me that he likes me when he don’t mean it at all & caused me feeling insecure & more lonely than before.

Now than I realize I’m only one of the girl from social site to him and not his favorite girl.

Though we don’t contact anymore,  I’d still cry at night on my bed that he cheated me & getting to know new girls.

I don’t feel that upset when I found out my bf cheated me.

But I gets so depress,  no mood to work & I’d flaunt over small matters when I’m upset over this guy. I think I really love him.

After I gets to know him, I’m not interested to talk to any other guys

I never response to those guy who wanna ask me out

I’m happy whenever i get the chance to see him

I miss everything we do together….


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