Monthly Archives: November 2007

Touching nei~

There was a girl named ayame
and she had a boyfriend named shiro
she was always in her room making out with shiro kun
shiro always told her he loves her
ayame always told him she loves him
they were so in love
and one day..
her parents called her to come downstairs
and there was a doctor sitting in the room
and they said, ayame..
we are concidering to send you to a clinic for psychological unhealthy kids
we have already explained your problem to the doctor here
this is doctor fujikawa*introduces himself*
ayame was shocked
but.. i dont have a psychological problem.. whats happenin?
ayame.. you are always talking to shiro-kun in your room..
and always talking about shiro-kun. always.
but ayame.. dont you know.. shiro kun has died.. a long time ago.. and
NO.. NO !!
ayame screamed no thats a lie! hes always online and teling me hes coming and he always comes
and hes coming again tomorrow! HE TOLD ME TODAY!
no ayame.. we’ll have you go to the clinic this evening.
ayame ran away.
and she ran to shiro-kuns house and nocked on the door
shirokun!! shiROKUN!! OPEN THE DOOR !! she cried
but noone opened the door
she went into the village and her parents and the doctor went looking for her.
they found her at midnight in a dark alley
but by that time she already got beaten up and raped twice.
so all she could say was shiro kun.. shiro kun ..
so her parents packed her bags and they brought her to the clinic.
and she looked tired. almost psycho.. staring blankly in front of her.. saying nothing.
but she say nothing at all.
shiro kun .. shiro kun.. was all she could say.