Logic jokes

> A customer went to snack bar and ordered a
> hamburger.
> When 20 minutes had gone and his food hadn’t
> arrived, the irritated
> customer asked the waiter.
> Customer: Will my hamburger be long?
> Waiter: No, sir…it will be round.
> Two young boys was having their morning breakfast,
> consist of hot chocolate
> and cereal. As he almost finish his meal, the
> younger of the two headed
> for their aquarium, his hand full of cereal. Just
> before he feed the
> turtles and the fish, his mother came into the room.
> "Don’t do it, Kamal",she said."They’ll die." The
> boys face turned pale and
> throw his mother a desperate look, "Then why did you
> gave it to us ?"
> Diner: Waiter, look at this chicken, nothing but
> skin and bones.
> Waiter: What else do u want, feathers?
> Diner: I can’t eat such a rotten chicken. Call the
> manager!
> Waiter: It’s no use. He won’t eat it either.
> Diner: You’ll drive me to my grave!
> Waiter: Well, you don’t expect to walk there, do
> you?
> Ben: These ice-cream are too expensive
> John: Stop complaining and pay with a smile.
> Ben: I wish I could but the man insists on cash!
> Almost bald man: Why do u always charge me double?
> You ought to charge me cheaper for I don’t have much
> hair!
> Barber: No, no! We ! don’t charge for cutting the
> hair! We charge for
> having to search for it!
> New prisoner comes to prison cell.
> Convicts: What has happened with you that you are
> here?
> Prisoner: I have broken a window on my job place.
> Convicts: It’s unbelievable! Where did you work?
> Prisoner: On a submarine.
> ******************************************************


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