Last night


9th Aug 05  Tuesday


Remember last week "Small Ville", guess that episode it’s the best I ever watched.

Last night Gavel msg me, he told me that he’d be calling me at 9.30pm.

So I stay in bed waiting for his call..  Plug in my ear piece on the phone and set to auto-answer.

And again I fall asleep.  Until 10.20pm there’s a msg coming in, it was my frd.

Then I realize that I must’ve missed Gavel’s call.  So I msg him telling him I fall asleep.

Few minutes later, he called.  We chat for quite a while.  He suddenly hung up then called back.

He told me that his phone low batt.  So I told him to hang up, we’ll chat again.

After saying bye, I realize he was still there.  哈哈  So I say Bye..  taking my ear piece out again.

‘Coz my phone didn’t light up displaying Call Ended, so I know that he’s still holding on.

Then I know that "Oh he didn’t want to hang up", but have to!

唉 。。  Miss the show "America’s next top model"  again.


Today is National day, nothing much…



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